Safe Eraser


Completely delete files so that nobody can reconstruct them


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SafeErase is one of the many applications that allow you to securely remove files from your hard drive. When you delete a file, the data is still physically available but there is no way for the operating system to find that information.

SafeErase allows you to format the data clusters where a certain file is stored. There are five different ways to erase information, which correspond to the different algorithms used to complete the process. The safest of these, which is based on an algorithm designed by Peter Gutmann, writes over the parts of the disk where the information is stored 35 times.

It's very easy to use the program. It appears in the Windows context menu, so if you want to safely delete a file, a folder, a unit or a partition, you just need to click it and select the 'safely delete' option from the pop-up menu.

30 day trial version. The 'TotalErase' function, which allows you to completely erase all of the computer's information, is not available.

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